“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy

Our Ministries

Spiritual Development

This ministry educates members of all ages on Christian living. The Bible expressly taught along with Christian values and principles. The Spiritual Development Ministry by the power of the Holy Spirit seeks to mature, train, and equip members of the body of Christ as disciples (2Tim. 2:15).

Men's Ministry

Men’s ministry seeks to empower the men in their roles as men first, secondly as the head of their families (Eph.5: 25-31;Eph.6: 4), becoming men of integrity, and instilling spiritual values maturing them into the full understanding of the “Headship of Christ”.

Women's Ministry

Our Women’s Ministry will encourage women to become enthusiastic disciples of Jesus Christ, as we each become the woman that GOD created us to be. The goal is that each woman intimately knows the heavenly Father, lovingly relate to one another, and advance the gospel in family and community.

We accomplish these goals through equipping and outreach events such as Bible studies, creative fellowship meetings, annual retreat, and special events (Pr.31: 10-31).


The GK ministry is designed to enhance the spiritual growth of our youth through youth bible study, tutorial and other creative options of learning. It is our desire to encourage and support youth in making godly decisions regarding the direction of their lives (Pr.22: 6).

Creative Arts

It is the job of this particular ministry to usher the People of God into a time of worship and celebration (Ps.95; 96; 100; 150). Through various gifts of dance, drama, singing, or stepping, all are design to bring Glory and Honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Those who are ready to bless God with their gifts and talents must have some knowledge and skill of the craft, and must be trainable.

Social Concerns

Our desire is to give a holistic approach to meeting the needs of an individual. The ministry’s objective is to feed the hungry, clothed the naked and dealing with family and community issues.

Family LifeStyle

We have a support system in place, which instills Christian values within different aspects of life for the family, by offering Marriage Enrichment, Divorce Recovery, Singles Ministry, Project Connect, and Parenting.