The culture changing movement that would become Shiloh Family Worship Center began in 1997 when the Lord began speaking to A.J. Wright about pastoring. As you can imagine, these were not easy conversations between our Pastor-to-be and Almighty God. In fact, though the conversation began in 1997, it wasn’t until 1998 that Pastor Wright embraced his next level of ministry. But his Pastoral career did not start just because he told the Lord yes. Now began the truly hard part, preparation.

As a prominent figure in both the gospel music industry and the body of Christ, Pastor A.J.’s next leg of the journey led him to New Birth in Miami. God’s assignment for him there was to “Effect change, mend bridges, and get them into their new sanctuary.” It was during this season of servitude that the Lord gave Pastor A.J. the name of the church that he was to start.

During these years of preparation, A.J. continued touring the country with well-known gospel artists. While others slept on the tour buses, the Lord would impart vision and direction into A.J. concerning Shiloh Family Worship Center. For a season, Pastor became angry; angry at the church and angry with God.

By 2002, New Birth had gotten into its new church and God let Pastor A.J. know that his assignment had been completed and it was time to go. An opportunity presented itself in Houston, Texas. Seemingly, everything was falling into place for Shiloh Family Worship Center to be born. But this was not the Lord’s will. A discouraged A.J., needed to hear from the Lord, and God spoke these words to him, “If you just do what I tell you to do, I promise I’ll make it worth your while”. And so Pastor A.J. continued to seek the Lord’s direction.

With he and his family still residing in south Florida God continued working behind the scenes preparing him for his next level of leadership. From 2003 to 2004 there were moments of glorious encouragement and disheartening disappointment. For example, on New Year’s Eve 2003, while in church, Pastor received a text message from an unknown source, no date stamp, no phone number, just these words, “This is your year of promotion. I’m taking you to the next level. Get ready to launch.” However, in 2004 Pastor thought that the vision of Shiloh would become a reality in West Broward County. But this was also not the Lord’s will.

On September 8, 2004, Shiloh Family Worship Center opened its doors. The very first service was held in the fellowship hall of St. George Episcopal Church in Riviera Beach, Florida. The sermon on that first Sunday service was, “God is our refuge”. This was most appropriate in that just a week prior to opening its doors, hurricane Francis had all but shut down the city. The following Sunday, service was relocated to the Marriott. Hurricane Jeanne hit Palm Beach County during this same time. The Marriott decided to discontinue doing business with Shiloh Family Worship Center because they were too loud and the worship services were drawing their employees away from their duties and many of them were coming to receive Christ.
This prompted their move to the cafetorium of Roosevelt Full Service Center. Because of the uncertainty of the air condition’s status on a weekly basis, this location became affectionately known as, “The hot box that rocks”

Through the ups and downs that come with starting a church, Pastor A.J. and his family remained faithful to the assignment and God remained faithful to them. From 2004 to 2009 Shiloh Family Worship Center gained momentum as one of the fastest growing churches in the county. Eventually, it became necessary to relocate to yet another facility, Roosevelt Middle School.

Pastor Wright and Shiloh Family Worship Center became known for drawing large crowds with high profile events that featured prominent Gospel music artists and some of the most well-known preachers of our time including: Bishop Paul S. Morton Sr., Bishop Liston Page Jr., Pastor Jamal H. Bryant, Pastor Sheryl Brady, Pastor Marvin Sapp, Jonathan Butler, J Moss, the gospel group Rizen, and of course, Yolanda Adams. And the church continued to go and to go and to grow and to grow! But with growth also came growing pains.

In 2009 Pastor Wright was hopeful that he had found a place for the members of Shiloh to call home; 3300 Electronics Way. But this was not the Lord’s will.

In August 2010, Shiloh Family Worship Center relocated to the auditorium of Inlet Grove High School in Riviera Beach. When the frustration of being a mobile church reached a fevered pitch, Pastor A.J. cried out to the Lord as only a pastor can, and God responded. In an act of sheer obedience, Pastor A.J. was led to 2275 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, the former Sound Advice building. There are a few things that are most notable about this leg of the journey.

First, the building had been vacant for almost three years. Second, while they did not realize it initially, Pastor Wright and the owner Mr. Robert Needle, had met years before. On August 1, 2011 a first draft of a business deal was created. By August 4, 2011, a letter of intent was drafted. By August 30th, the deal was closed. By February 2012, Shiloh Family Worship Center had moved in and established its administrative offices. This was accomplished completely debt free. For a brief season, Shiloh Family Worship Center shared space with Mount Calvary Baptist Church. According to Pastor A.J., this was extremely risky in that it required a change from the normal start time of service. Yet God was faithful, and the church continued to flourish in membership.

In celebration of the church’s 8th anniversary, a foundation service was held in the new sanctuary. With over 500 hundred people in attendance, God was glorified amidst concrete floors, unfinished walls, and sharp edged beams. Yet God was faithful.

On March 31, 2013 Shiloh Family Worship Center celebrated full entry into 2275 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard.